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Search engine optimization (SEO) unfolds with different functions and tasks on the queue, “Backlink” has a high weightage and essential aspect for SEO because it signals the search engine to discover pages on the web. Search engines spider or bot crawl websites following links to other pages.

Why It Is Important?

Google or Search engines use links to ‘measure authority’, based on the idea that most worthy websites will have more links pointing to them from other sites.

After releasing the first version of the Penguin algorithm by Google in 2012, get attention to acquiring links from relevant websites.

Link building helps to drive visibility & traffic and brand building.

Visibility &Traffic

If you are building the right kind of backlinks, they’re coming from relevant websites means users of other sites are likely to click through to your website. Therefore, links are a valuable source of referral traffic.

Brand Building

Acquired backlinks help the users of other sites are uncover your brand and also help to discover new users as well. Ultimately it results in gain authority for both page and domain.

Successful link building depends on having an excellent site with quality content and a solid SEO strategy as a foundation.

What are types of backlinks are worth acquiring?

Natural links

Once you built the brand and created a site with amazing quality content, you will get that links organically. It doesn’t have any tracking parameters and sponsored or paid content. Links should be earned because you have valuable content to share.

Do follow links

Google search engine bot crawls the webpage and passes authority it is called link juice. More do-follow links mean higher authority sites and your site has a possibility of better ranking in SERP.

No follow links

In no-follow links, Google does not pass any authority across this link to the target URL. More common no-follow links are:
  • Forum posts
  • Social media
  • Blog comments
  • Wikipedia ( Editable pages)
  • Guest post signatures
  • Article directories
  • Press releases
  • Advertorials
How To Get Backlinks And Trending Practices

Begins with extensive link research by using some tools like ahref backlink explorer, ubersuggest, and SEMrush

Create quality content

First, create a linkable asset for people to link to your websites like the blog post, video, and infographics. Create amazing and useful content that should be delivering value to the users.

Broken link building

It is another important method for link building. Here, you’re fixing the inbound links by recreating the content and helping webmasters replace broken links with your corrected link. It’s a kind of link reclamation tactic.

You can find the broken link by using tools like the “Check My Links” Google chrome extension that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links. This tool highlights them in red, for simple to find out. Once you found it, email to site owner about their dead link and also show them quality content to replace.

You can also find out the broken link through “resources pages” and find out the relevant keyword then outreach for building links.

Type the following strings in Google search:

E.g. if you are in hospitality niche “Hospitality” + “resources” “Hospitality” + “links”

Guest Posting

It is the all-time best strategy to gain high-quality backlinks yet it’s a challenging and time-consuming process. To perform this, research quality website sites in the particular industry or niche and reach out to the site-owner then create content based on their guidelines.


Infographics continue to surpass other types of visual content and help to enhance SEO. A study found that “Infographics can help increase website traffic by up to 12%”

It’s not only an effective strategy for link building but also drives organic traffic, improves domain authority, and supercharges your SEO.

Spy on Competitor Backlinks

You have excellent link-building opportunities through the analysis of your competitors. Well, check out the link in ahref’s backlink explorer then you can find the Backlinks and referring domains. Look for the relevant links and genuinely valuable to your site.

Backlinks are an extremely important part of your ongoing SEO strategy. Creating quality content is the backbone of your link-building campaign and do outreach and get the links. Hence, it’s evolving process, and be persistent in your tactics.